Bayer wedding rings

“Bayer Trauringe is a company belonging to the Fischer family. In the design of rings of this brand is reflected the sincere work and love of young designers and employees!”

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The company Fischer & Sohn was founded in 1919 and today the family firm is being managed by the fourth generation, which has contributed significantly to the traditions of the “golden city” Pforzheim.

Jewellery, especially wedding rings, are often valued and inherited over several generations. If you happen to have the great-grandmother’s wedding ring with the initials “fs”, then this is the ring produced by the company Fischer.

Traditions can only function if they are accompanied by a dynamic innovation philosophy of consistent quality.

The design is constantly being developed, but it should not only be the latest fashion to follow. Traditional crafts and modern technology go hand in hand with mutual benefit. It will bring along the quality that is eternal.

The production of Fischer Trauringe is located in the “golden city” of Pforzheim. Not for sentimental, but for practical considerations. This is the only way to combine efficiency and flexibility with reliable world-class quality.

The infamous evil ring from the movie“THE LORD OF THE RINGS”based on the successful saga of the worldwide known writer J.R.R.Tolkien was actually made by Fischer Trauringe.

The purchased rings will be delivered within 3-4 weeks. For determining the size you need we suggest the local MATIGOLD shop! It is possible to order all sizes.

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