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Welcome to MATIGOLD e-shop!


Our store is located at Peterburi tee 2 in T1 Mall of Tallinn on the ground floor.

Working hours 

Every day 10:00 – 21:00


(also known as Mati Kullaäri / OÜ PC & Programm) has been already operating since 1996 and has won favour of many Estonians. It is known for extensive assortment and favourable prices.

We offer jewellery and accessories with precious stones, semi-precious stones and pearls made in Estonia or outside with good prices and quality and for every taste.

In recent years, MATIGOLD has undergone some major changes. Now it is possible to design the wedding rings by yourself. It can be done either at home on our web page or by us, at the store where we can provide you a helping hand when you are using the program.

The jewellery assortment offered in our e-shop is unique in Estonia and it is constantly changing, which is one of the main reasons why customers visit us again and again.