Everything about engagement rings: How to choose an engagement ring?

Everything about engagement rings. You have found the right life partner and now you should take the next step but you do not know how to deal with the situation? MATIGOLD will help you with this difficult choice to choose the right engagement ring with diamonds for you.

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Set your budget

The first thing you should do is to think about the price range the engagement ring for your beloved should belong to. You have certainly heard suggestions that an engagement ring with diamonds should cost at least 2 or 3 months’ salary. After all it is not the amount of money you invest in a ring that is important, however, but the idea behind it.

How to choose the right ring size?

The choice of the ring size is one of the most difficult criterion measures when choosing the ring. But how to find the right size for your beloved? We have a couple of recommendations for you:

    • Ask a friend maybe you can find out the size of your beloved from one of her friends?
    • Take her ring with you – take one of your partner’s rings and we can find out the finger size of your beloved in such a way.
    • Try her ring on your finger – if you can not take the ring with you, no problem. Try her ring on your finger and mark, for example, with a ball-point pen how far this ring goes on your finger. That way we can find out the size of your beloved by your finger.

              If the wrong size was chosen – no problem. In case we have an identical ring of the size you need, we can exchange it. However, if there is no different size, then depending on the model we can change the size of the ring. But if the ring is of a model that can not be made bigger or smaller, then we need to look for a different ring design of your desired size.

How to choose the right ring?

Now that the finger size is known, you need to think about what your engagement ring with diamonds should look like. You want to find a ring for her that matches her unique style and wishes.

Should the engagement ring be with one diamond or several, of white or yellow gold? Would you prefer more classic design with one diamond or a modern ring with a wavy profile? Our sales personnel will help you with this important choice, but here are some of our recommendations:

  • What jewellery does she wear? Does she wear more yellow gold jewellery? Maybe she is wearing more silver or platinum. Perhaps she has a certain favourite stone, the colour that she wears? Does she like the bigger jewellery or more modest? Does she wear a lot of jewellery, or is she more conservative?
  • Visit the jewellery shop – Take your beloved to the jewellery shop, but in another context. For example, you go to a shopping centre to take a look at clothes, shoes and then, passing by a jewellery shop, you go, for example, to look for a watch for yourself, at the same time taking notice what kind of jewellery your beloved pays attention to.

Everything about engagement rings: more than 2000 different models in the shop (engagement ring with diamonds)

Choosing an engagement ring is difficult. You need to take into account the style and taste of your partner, and then find the right size. But if you are still confused about choosing an engagement ring, our excellent sales personnel will be happy to help you and answer all your questions. Come and visit us at EKS Kaubamaja, Mustamäe tee 12, and together we will find the most suitable engagement ring from our wide variety. You can also get acquainted with the collection of the engagement rings at the following address of our homepage:



Everything about engagement rings: designing the rings

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In addition, it is also possible to create an engagement ring with your own design (the order period for the rings of your design is 4-5 weeks):