Acredo wedding rings

“You can choose every detail of the wedding rings – size, width, thickness, colour, size and arrangement of precious stones and more.”

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Acredo Configurator has incredibly many options.

Acredo wedding rings can be custom-made according to your preference. “You can choose the size, width, thickness, colour of wedding rings, the size and arrangement of precious stones and even more.” Some decisions are easy to make and some of them are more difficult, but together we find the most suitable solution for you.

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At MATIGOLD shop, we have model rings which are helping you make decisions. The model rings are made of silver and have the same shape, width, thickness and size, which allows you to sense the ring designed by you before ordering.

We consider it important to provide our customers with as detailed and in-depth advice as possible. We will be happy to help you. If you are wishing to design your own personal Acredo wedding rings, please call or email us and we will find suitable time for you.

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Purchased rings will be delivered within 4-5 weeks. In the MATIGOLD shop you can determine the right size for you! It is possible to order all sizes.

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Profiles with high wear comfort

While designing Acredo wedding rings you can choose between a variety of different ring profiles.

The rings of different shapes, completely flat or curved, sit differently in your finger, and some profiles may appear more comfortable for your finger than the others.




Narrow or wide


You can decide how wide you want your wedding rings to be.

Unlike the ring profile, Acredo offers you rings in width from 2.00 to 10.00 mm.




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Single or multicolour


You can create single or multicolour wedding rings of different shades of gold: white, yellow, pink and red.

Besides gold, you can also design your wedding rings from platinum and palladium.





Recesses as design elements


The recesses are small dents in the material. On the one hand they are design elements, on the other hand they are needed to separate two different materials or surfaces.

In the Acredo Configurator you can choose different width of the recesses to create unique wedding rings.



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Sun-yellow or snow-white


Do you like classic yellow gold with warm glow or elegant white gold?

The Acredo Configurator enables you to experiment with a variety of colours to create a perfect colour combination for you.

Acredo Configurator lets you to choose between different colours of gold: yellow, white, pink, red, green and delicate grey.




Shiny or frosted


The upper surface of the ring is a significant design element.

The classic ring beams thanks to its shiny surface.

If you prefer more modest design, you can completely or partially cover the ring with frosted surface.



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The real potential of the Acredo Configurator appears with diamonds.

You can choose how many diamonds you prefer on your ring, how big they are, how they are positioned, what shape they should be – let your fantasy fly.

The last you can choose is the purity and colour of diamonds you prefer on your wedding ring.





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The wedding rings ordered from Acredo can be engraved.

You can choose traditional style engraving on the inner surface of the ring or let engrave your message on the upper surface of the ring.

Acredo’s innovative laser technology lets you engrave, for example your name, date and various symbols.



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Are you ready with designing perfect wedding rings? Save them to your wishlist.

By entering your name, postcode and date of birth, you can save the wedding rings designed by you. Saved rings can be opened at store and if necessary, changed before ordering.

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