Fischer wedding rings

Fischer wedding rings are known all over the world and have a quality seal in them marked with "Made in Germany". Fischer is known for its high quality and beautiful designs.

Unique rings

"Fischer & Sohn"company was founded in 1919 and today the family firm is being managed by the fourth generation, which has contributed significantly to the traditions of the “golden city” Pforzheim.

Fischer abielusõrmused - Kollektsioon carbon

Design your wedding rings

Fischer configurator is easy to use. You can order the most classical design or also wedding rings with exclusive design.

Just choose the profile, width, color of the rings and add details, diamonds and engravings as you wish and the rings are done. The ordering time for Fischer rings is 4-5 weeks.

Design examples

With Fischer wedding rings, you don't have to start designing from scratch. You will find that there are several design examples which you can change and shape into the rings you have always dreamed of.

To finalize the order of Fischer wedding rings, it is mandatory, that you visit our shop (already for confirming the right sizes of the rings), but you can design the rings yourself and save the design at the leisure of your home. But if you also want the help of our designers, then it is also possible to visit our shop and we will gladly help you with the design of your wedding rings. Happy designing and if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us!

Fischer wedding rings

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