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The MATIGOLD store offers over 2000 different ring models. Our rings are available with diamonds, precious stones, semi-precious stones, pearls, zircons and without stones.

Our rings mainly come from Estonian, German and Italian masters.

Wedding and engagement rings

Acredo abielu– ja kihlasõrmused on suurepärased enda disianivabaduse poolest. Te saate muuta igat detaili sõrmuste peal kasutades acredo ring configurator. Although acredo rings are primarily advertised as engagement and wedding rings, all kinds of other interesting rings can be created with their ring configurator.

Design options

You can change every detail when it comes to wedding rings. You can change the ring size, width, thickness, color, stone size, stone placement and much more. Some decisions are easy, others more difficult, but together we will find the most suitable solution for you.


Fischer's exotic carbon rings combine white, yellow, rose gold and celebrate life itself. Fischer is one of the leading companies in the world of wedding rings from Germany. Fischer is known for its extremely high quality and beautiful ring designs.


Rubin's unique symbol of love will accompany you on your journey as a couple. The Rubin workshop, with its head office in Hesse's Pohlheim, has become well known as a manufacturer of wedding rings in a very short time. Rubin rings are made with exclusive, diverse design and quality in mind.

Caring for rings

Since the jewelry ring is the piece of jewelry that comes into contact with all kinds of surfaces, creams and other chemicals the most, we recommend washing the rings at least once a month, using Town Talk cleaning solutions and polishing cloths. In this way, you keep the shine of the metal on your rings as well as the shine of the stones. Stones on rings usually fade over time, because the ring itself has not been washed, and all the dirt has accumulated behind the stone. Since dirt accumulated behind the stone blocks light from passing through the stone facets of the diamond, the stone can appear completely dull. Therefore, it is important to maintain and clean your jewelry at least once a month.

Storage for rings

We recommend removing rings, like all jewelry, in the evening and placing them either in a jewelry box or in the original packaging, away from other jewelry, to prevent scratches.

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