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Gold pendants

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We have MATIGOLD pendants in white and yellow gold, without stones, with diamonds, precious stones, semi-precious stones and zircons.

Cleaning, maintenance of pendants
All jewelry must be polished with a new, clean cloth, as the old one may contain small pieces of dirt that can scratch the jewelry. By changing the polishing cloth, it means significantly lower costs for you than having your jewelry professionally polished and maintained.

Wear the pendant as often as possible. Pendants, as well as other jewelry, can lose their luster over time when kept locked up. Wearing your jewelry helps keep your jewelry shiny, and regular use helps keep it shiny!

For cleaning the pendants, we recommend Town Talk jewelry cleaning solution and a polishing cloth to restore the shine and spark of the jewelry.

Storage of pendants
When storing pendants, as with any jewelry, it is important to keep them away from other jewelry. In contact with other jewelry, stones, the jewelry can get scratched. We recommend keeping all jewelry separated, either in a jewelry box or in their original packaging.

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