ABC of Jewelry

Remove jewelry before housework, gardening, and sports to prevent the jewelry from wearing out or getting dirty quickly. This should be done with jewelry with stones where stones can break or come off and get lost.

When applying cosmetics, you should never wear jewelry, because the chemicals might harm the jewelry pieces.

To clean silver, gold and diamond jewelry, one should use specific jewelry care cleaning products, for example Town Talk jewelry care which you can buy from the MATIGOLD store. We recommend cleaning your jewelry every 1-2 times a month, so you can enjoy the beauty of you jewelry and the amazing shine of the stones.

Because precious metals are soft, they tarnish and get scratched over time when wearing. From time to time one should visit a goldsmith to restore the beauty of the jewelry piece.

White gold does not exist. Yellowish gold is coated with rhodium and through wear and tear out comes the yellowish gold surface, which should be coated from time to time with rhodium, so the jewelry piece is again in white gold.

Stones on the jewelry pieces should be firmly installed, so the stones won't fall out. For this, check the fastenings of the stones, and if the stones are moving inside of the fastening, then you should definitely take your jewelry to the goldsmith, so they can tighten the stone fastenings again.

Keep jewelry pieces seperate from each other on an even surfaces, either in MATIGOLD original packaging or in jewelry chest, so the jewelry doesn't graze against each other. This way you prolong the life and quality of your jewelry.

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Good to know

The ABCs of Jewelry Care

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