Who are we?

MATIGOLD (OÜ PC & Programm, formerly known as Mati kullaäri) has been operating since 1996 and has won favour of many Estonians. It is known for extensive assortment and favourable prices.
We offer jewellery and accessories with precious stones, semi-precious stones and pearls made in Estonia or outside (mainly Germany and Italy) with good prices and quality and for every taste.

Our history

MATIGOLD company was founded with the name PC & Program OÜ. The store and brand name was at that time "Mati Kullaäri". We were mainly focused on selling watches and jewellery.

Mati Kullaäri (MATIGOLD) shop expanded. Our list of watch brands expanded and we started also selling bracelets and necklaces.

Big changes happened during the year 2010. We specialized into engagement and wedding rings. Also our jewellery inventory expanded.

Now it is possible to design your own wedding rings. You can design from home, using our website or visit us, where we help and guide you in designing your own rings.

"Mati Kullaäri" name was changed to a more international format "MATIGOLD".

MATIGOLD offers now many different and recognized brands: Acredo, Fischer, Rubin, Breuning, Hungororing, Bayer and Gettmann

2018. aasta lõpus MATIGOLD kolis EKS Kaubamajast T1 Mall of Tallinn keskusesse.

MATIGOLD valikus on 3 uut brändi: Spark, Viventy ja Songa.