Spark hõbedast ehted - MATIGOLD - Mati Kullaäri


Spark offers elegant silver jewelry with Swarovski crystals.

Young and full of life, timeless and elegant, Spark jewelry is designed for modern women who wish to add something interesting to their wardrobe.


Modern Sterling Silver 925% jewelery for the fashionable woman. Viventy offers jewelry with bold and trendy styles.

Viventy hõbedast ripats Kood: 779342

BellaGioia - Argento Italiano

Italian brand BellaGioia - Argento Italiano jewelry is meant for special occasions. BellaGioia silver jewelry is coated with special stones, which are called Giolaite. These stones are handcrafted replicas, imitating the imperfection and shine of the natural stones as if the stones were natural precious stones.


Modern silver jewelry for festive events or for casual wearing. The German brand Breuning has something for every occasion.

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