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MATIGOLD bracelets can be found in different sizes: from 17 cm to 20 cm. We have gold bracelets in white, rose, yellow gold with a sample of 585% (14k).

Caring for handchain
Always store your jewelry in separate boxes or separate compartments in your jewelry box to keep it new and sparkling. Or just wear them!

Cleaning the handchain with a polishing cloth
Precious jewelry must be polished with a new, clean cloth, because the old one may contain small pieces of dirt that can scratch the jewelry (bracelets). Changing the polishing cloth means many times lower expenses than the need to have your jewelry professionally polished. Don't be stingy in the little things and profligate in the big things.

Handchain lengths
Käekette on meil erinevaid pikkuseid olemas: 17 cm, 18 cm, 19 cm, 20 cm, 21 cm ja 22 cm.

Käekette kullast ja hõbedast
Käeketid on meil olemas nii kullast kui ka hõbedast. Kullast on meil rohkem käekette aga samas hõbedast on meil rohkem käevõrusi.