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MATIGOLD necklaces are made of 585 proof (14k) gold under the hands of masters with care and precision. We have a selection of necklaces in different sizes. You can find classic anchor chains, Bismark chains and necklaces with a more special design. There are over 60 different necklace models to choose from.

Different lengths
We generally have necklaces in the following sizes: 38 cm, 42 cm, 45 cm, 50 cm and 60 cm.

Necklaces of different colors of gold
We have necklaces in different colors of gold, such as white, red, pink and yellow gold.

Caring for necklaces with Town Talk jewelry cleaning solution
Necklaces and chains, like any other piece of jewelry, need maintenance to ensure their long-lasting shine and beauty. Clips on earrings, butterfly clasps and clasps on bracelets, necklaces are actually springs and may need adjustment from time to time to ensure they are in pristine condition.
Gold jewelry gets scratched very easily, it is always wise to keep valuables separate from each other by wrapping them separately in soft paper, cotton wool.

Caring for necklaces
Unfortunately, all jewelry gets dirty, including necklaces, just like the clothes you wear. That's why it's important to take care of your jewelry and wash it regularly to keep it looking new and beautiful. We have separate washing tools and polishing cloths for gold and silver necklaces, which ensure lasting shine and beauty for your jewelry.

Storing necklaces
We recommend removing the necklace from your neck in the evening before going to bed. Certain necklaces can have a breaking point on the chain, and to avoid this, we recommend putting the necklace in a jewelry box or in its original packaging overnight. Be sure to separate each necklace from other chains and jewelry to keep them from scratching. When stored properly, the jewelry retains its luster and the stones on it shine like new.