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Matigold Wedding Rings

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MATIGOLD wedding rings

MATIGOLD wedding rings are made with the dedication and care of Estonian masters. The wedding rings are made of 585% gold (14k) and are available with or without diamonds.

MATIGOLD wedding rings are available locally in our store in all sizes (if separately indicated on the website: "Available online and in store") . In exceptional cases (if your sizes are currently out of stock), the waiting time for rings is 1-2 weeks.

If an engagement ring is later worn by the bride with the wedding ring that she wears on a daily basis, it is nice if these rings can be of the same line and style to match

Since our product selection is very large, we can also help immediately so that you go home with the rings already in the box. However, if there is more time, MATIGOLD offers a service in Estonia, with which we can design wedding rings in the store or at home using a special program at the computer. There are millions of different options to choose from.

But if you can't find the right ring for you among MATIGOLD wedding rings, then with the German wedding ring brand Acredo, you can create wedding rings according to your imagination. Acredo has thousands of ready-made materials that can be further modified: from simply changing the gold color to creating your own design.

Caring for wedding rings

Since wedding rings are constantly worn on the hand, they must be cleaned regularly to keep the surface of the metal shiny and the stone shiny. Town Talk jewelry cleaners you can wash your jewelry and Town Talk polishing cloth make them shine again. We recommend trying this process at least once a month to keep your jewelry looking new.

Over time, wedding rings will get scratched - this is an inevitable and natural process. Since wedding rings are constantly in your hand and your hands are in constant motion and come into contact with various surfaces and chemicals, it is unthinkable that precious metals, in other words soft metals, would not get scratches.

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