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Gold earrings

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Gold earrings

Gold earrings with colored gemstonesGold earrings with semi-precious stonesGold earrings with diamondsGold earrings with pearlsGold earrings with zirconsGold earrings without stones

In the MATIGOLD store, we have a selection to offer both large and small as well as modest and prominent gold earrings for every taste.

Made by Estonian and Italian masters

MATIGOLD earrings are made with the skill and precision of both Estonian and Italian masters. The stones on the earrings have been carefully selected to create the perfect synergy between gold and stone, which would create a unique shine in the Gold earrings, bringing out your eyes and beautiful facial expression, and enchanting everyone around you.

Earring clasps

We have earrings with different fastenings/clasps. Basically, we have an English lock, but there are also screw, omega lock and several others.

Stones on earrings

MATIGOLD offers earrings in yellow and/or white gold with diamonds, precious stones, semi-precious stones, pearls and zircons.

Gold earrings with diamonds

We have a large selection of earrings with diamonds in both white and yellow gold for every taste and different styles.

Kuldkõrvarõngaid pärlitega

We also have earrings with freshwater and artificial pearls. Most of our earrings with pearls are made of yellow gold, but we also offer earrings made of white gold.

Caring for earrings

We recommend washing gold earrings at least once or twice a month with a jewelry cleaner. We recommend Town Talk jewelry cleaner and polishing cloth to keep your earrings shiny and the stones on your earrings sparkling.

Earrings with pearls require special care. Pearls must be cleaned immediately if it comes into contact with any chemicals, as well as perspiration can damage the pearls. Therefore, we recommend putting on pearl jewelry only after applying make-up and creams. For pearls, we have a separate Town Talk pearl care kit that you can use to care for and maintain the beauty of pearls.

Storing earrings

We recommend removing the earrings before going to bed and placing them either in the jewelry box or in the original packaging. It is important to place the earrings separately from other jewelry to prevent the earrings from getting scratched. Since gold, like all precious metals, is a soft material, it must be stored accordingly in order to preserve the long-term shine of the jewelry.

Kullast kõrvarõngad teemantidega 1,00 ct. Kood: 106HKA-S-EF30377

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