Diamond every day care

  • Certain household chemicals might damage diamonds, which is why we recommend taking jewelry off during housework.
  • Pange ehted peale alati pärast meigi pealepanekut ja juuste hooldust.
  • Treat all diamonds as fragile. Even though diamond can survive in harsh conditions, the fastenings of the diamonds are made out of precious metals aka soft metals. Also diamonds are fragile against heavy strikes.

Diamond protection

  • During housework, gardening and physical work remove any kind of jewelry from your hands.
  • Before going to sleep, we recommend you to take off the jewelry.
  • Keep jewelry away from alcohol, cosmetics, ammonia, chlorine and other corrosive substances.
  • Store jewelry either in their original packaging or inside the jewelry box/chest.

Diamond storage

  • Jewelry scratches when it comes into contact with other pieces. Diamonds are one of the strongest minerals, which means they can damage other softer materials when coming into contact with them.
  • Neck- and handchains should be laid on an even surface inside the original box it cam in or inside a jewelry box/chest. This way you keep the chains from intertwining and tangling with each other.

Diamond cleaning

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Lab-grown diamonds

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Silver jewelry care, cleaning & storage

Silver jewelry everyday care. Silver jewelry requires special care, to maintain their form and lifespan Silver oxidizes when it comes in contact with salty air, chlorine, sulfur, humidity, cosmetics and household goods.

Diamond care & cleaning

Diamond every day care. Certain household chemicals might damage diamonds, which is why we recommend taking jewelry off during housework. Always put on your jewelry after applying make-up and hairspray.

Pearl care & cleaning

Pearl every day care. Pearls are natural precious stones, which are weak against acids and extremely humid conditions. In order to keep the shine of the pearl, keep them away from cosmetics, hairsprays and perfumes.

Gold jewelry care, cleaning & storage

Before wearing jewelry. Make sure, that the earring lock is working perfectly - if you feel the lock is working too softly, then don't wear earrings and take them to a goldsmith.